If releasing only non HIV related health information you may use this form or another HIPAA compliant general health release form. DOH 2557 2/11 Page 1 of 3 Complete information for each facility/person to be given general information and/or HIV related information. Attach additional sheets as necessary. Authorization for Release of Health Information and Confidential HIV Related Information New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute This form authorizes release of health information...
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What's up everybody welcome back to my laboratory safety is number one priority and today I'm going to show you how to make self fulfilling water dog bowl let's check this up it's going to be a lot of fun so I got here piece of wood like that I'm gonna put water bowl over here and then I'm gonna go out to buy four and place it like that so what about I was gonna be like that so I'm gonna cut it around here so that's what I'm gonna cut it go and got my four stick it in here and cut it bingo cut in half just like that perfect then I'm gonna get a couple of nails and nail it down to this just like that you see its face pretty good now now I'm gonna get local steep and I'm gonna take it to here just like that beautiful we got all about go done now we're gonna get empty soda bottle and make sure you wash it out from all the sugar and stuff and then I'm gonna go up another side of a volcko that sticks to this part I'm gonna put it on the bottle just like that nice and what I'm gonna do whenever I want to stick it into here it's going to stay there really easily so so now let's put some water in it and demonstrate it now as you can see it's full bowl of water and I filled it up full bottle of water over here to what I'm gonna do if is flip it upside down and guess what it will stop pouring out now I'm gonna put it just like that and we got here selfie filling water so as soon as don't drink it uh water goes away and it's going to sell feel it so that's I hear two liters of water is enough for your dog amazing huh now let's test it out with Luke see if he likes it so as you can see this area and the tip over here is submerged that's why the water just doesn't come out and spills over pretty amazing let's go get Luke see if he likes it Luke come on you want to get some wood I know you do come on coop ooh Luke what do you think you like your water bottle mm mm yeah I think he likes it a lot look you like it a lot okay say hi to everybody okay let's see if look likes this what about oh yeah he loves it he don't care at all about that water bottle Luke you like your water bottle stop licking the water bottle it's not water so what do you say Luke thumbs up I think you would thumbs up you big eaters anyways guys very easy to build it and guess what if you're gonna leave your dog for about six hours at home this way you'll know he'll have enough water for all day I guess that's pretty much it let me know in comments below if you like this thumbs up follow me on Instagram and I'll see you next time