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If releasing only non HIV related health information you may use this form or another HIPAA compliant general health release form. DOH 2557 2/11 Page 1 of 3 Complete information for each facility/person to be given general information and/or HIV related information. Attach additional sheets as necessary. Authorization for Release of Health Information and Confidential HIV Related Information New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute This form authorizes release of health information...
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hello YouTube here is a short video about creating a form using Google Documents now to get the Google Doc either you go to Google Doc directly or you go to Google Drive because the form option is actually existing Google Drive and here from create you can click create a form and it's converting back to Google Doc but again from Google Docs you can go back again to Google Drive and create a form and so on now here is the creation creating platform now we have a show progress bar at the bottom of the page these are up to you only allow response from one person several question orders now the unifor that title of the form is for example example ug description this survey is to effect and it will take some minute on so on now the question title for example here and let's see em age and what is you age if you want to add a helping text for example add a number only and then you can the question type here is which is here is the main part of this forum you can choose a text a paragraph text multiple choice checkbox choose from a list scale grade date and time and I'm gonna go through them one by one for example for the Aged it's gonna be text and here is the answer and if you wanted required or if not let's see if I want it required for example and then I will say done and there is will be a red star next to it we add another item here for example - what is Music and then we go here for example multiple choice option one British option to American option three German and so on and we say okay here's options add another item now here is that paragraph text which is it's just gonna give you a bigger space for you for you to answer for example tell us about your experience and then paragraph text just a bigger area done and then another item let's go for the second one which is check boxes which is mean choosing from many and then we go choose apply check boxes and then for example I don't know and then we had another item let's see this one will be choose from a list which is gonna be a drop list and you vote let's see it's gonna be drop list and it's gonna be yes I'm just trying to think as simple as possible and the grid one which is the one here which is the scale is just to choose a scale 1 2 5 5 is the best one is forced 5 is the best and here perfect now we add another one which is the grid and now the grid is um when there are so many options and you need to read all of them at once of they're grouped for example the day of your visit let's say the first row which is gonna be upon arrival and the second one is gonna be shopping experience and let's add one when leaving now let's see column 1 agree if you're satisfied I mean on the day we visit how satisfied you are this agree don't agree on that and here it's gonna be the grid add another item which is the only two legs is the date and time which is M quite easy but let's see how they're gonna look like...